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Q: What is Applied Kinesiology?
A: Applied Kinesiology is a technique used to evaluate and diagnose imbalances in the body's structural, chemical, and emotional systems. It involves muscle testing to identify areas of weakness or stress. We have a lot of great info on our "what is muscle testing" tab above!

Q: Do you offer detox programs?
A: Yes, we offer detox programs that are personalized based on each individual's needs and goals. These programs may include dietary changes, supplements, and other therapies to support the body's natural detoxification processes.

Q: Do you offer chiropractic care for newborns and during pregnancies?
A: Yes, our doctors have decades of experience providing chiropractic care for both newborns and pregnant women. Chiropractic care can help promote a healthy pregnancy and delivery, as well as support the health and development of newborns.

Q: What other services do you offer?
A: In addition to applied kinesiology/muscle testing for food allergies and sensitivities, detox programs, nutritional counseling, and chiropractic care, we also offer dry sauna, stretching classes, and cold laser therapy. Our programs are personalized depending on each individual's needs and goals.

Q: How are the programs personalized?
A: Our programs are personalized based on a thorough evaluation of each patient's health history, current symptoms, and goals. We work closely with each client to create a customized plan that addresses their specific needs and preferences.

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