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Meet Our Team

Applied Kinesiology Chiropractic


Kristina Matthews


With 15 years of experience in owning chiropractic offices and consulting docs nationwide, Kristina is excited to open her first office in Tennessee. She started as an office manager and has done every job in between. Chiropractic, specifically, muscle testing changed her life. For several years, she watched her son struggle with food and how it was affecting him so greatly. After finding an AK (applied kinesiologist), they were able to work through her son's allergies- his life has been forever changed! Kristina knows first hand what great chiropractic care can do and is passionate about bringing it to our beautiful people of  Spring Hill.

She is the mom to two teenage boys that she has homeschooled for 3 years. You're likely to run into her at Hidden Seed Plant Co. or enjoying a Dragon Roll at Thai Sushi.

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Dr. Armstrong, DC

Dr. Armstrong graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 2012. During school, he completed a 100-hour course on Applied Kinesiology (AK) and worked with a doctor who specialized in Active Release Technique (ART). He has used AK and myofascial release techniques on his patients to address dysfunction with nutrition, spinal subluxation, posture, and exercise. His own health journey has led him to strive to help people navigate a plethora of health information with an emphasis on holistic, drug-free, and faith-based choices.


He moved across the country over a year ago with his wife Laura and their two beautiful children. Ethan is 9, Aubri is 2 and Olive joined the family at the end of July! They couldn’t be happier to be here in Spring Hill. He's already a regular at The Fainting Goat and has enjoyed perusing Bleu32

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Erika Sanchez

Director of Marketing

Nope, that's not Kristina again! This is her sister (and to answer the burning question in your mind- they are not twins😉).

Erika has a love for people and a passion for talking about things that work. Like her sister, Erika's middle daughter has food allergies that were diagnosed and treated by an AK. 


She is a proud mama to 3 girls that she has homeschooled for 3 years. You're likely to run into her at her favorite place in all of Spring Hill Salted Peace, at Salvo's Pizza enjoying a delicious meal, picking up a new book or two at Ghostlight Books, or getting her hair done with Ms. Meredith at Jade & Jo Hair Co!

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Lisa Strobeck


Lisa is originally from Green Bay, WI, and moved to Spring Hill, TN in 2016.  Lisa served in the Army and Army Reserve for 30 years and retired in 2018.  She is married to her husband Erik. They have two daughters, Rachel and Rebekah, and a son, Jacob.  Lisa is our office receptionist, and she enjoys talking with our patients during each visit.  She is an avid Green Bay Packer fan and is always ready to engage in conversations about “her” team.

Lisa loves getting a massage over at Salted Peace!

Image by Keith Misner

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