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What is AK/Muscle Testing?

What exactly is muscle testing? How does it work? We get it, it's a new idea to a lot of people. Muscle testing is a non-invasive way to check for food allergies/sensitivities, household items (think laundry detergent, soap, lotion, etc.), environmental allergies, and supplements that may help your body be stronger to these items! Doc checks to feel how your muscles react when items are by it- think "fight or flight"! We can also help find the root cause of skin problems, behavioral reactions, and can test any at age! Here's a quick video of our very own Dr Armstrong muscle testing Jacob on our basic food kit! (More about kits below)

Applied Kinesiology, or "AK", was developed by chiropractor George J Goodhart, Jr in 1964.

Test Kits

In Applied Kinesiology, a Chiropractor uses test kits to be able to muscle test a large variety of things. In these kits are vials of various foods and supplements. In our office, we geek out a little each time we get a new kit! The more we have available to test you on, the more specific answers you will be able to get! Check out our owner, Kristina, showing off our Apex Energetics kits! Pure joy. We also have a basic foods, a grains kit, Standard Process supplements, and a veggie kit. If you have foods you eat frequently, a new laundry detergent, or a favorite supplement/vitamin that you're just not sure about- Doc will have you bring it in and we can test you on that too! 

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We don't just claim to help with behavioral "issues" or skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, or acne- we HAVE helped real people! And they're excited to tell you about the changes they have had~

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